2 assigned 
2 allowed
Acad Success Center
   5 assigned 
5 allowed
Arts & Sciences
   30 assigned 
30 allowed
Education/Hum Dev.
   36 assigned 
36 allowed
Grad School
   13 assigned 
13 allowed
Stud Affairs (Acad Support)
   6 assigned 
6 allowed
   6 assigned 
6 allowed

This website is for graduate assistant determination only and does not reflect
admission requirements or personal data for any graduate student applicant.

Requestors Major Available AppTran'cptImmuneGRE ScoresLtr of RecProgram Requirements Currently Available Selected By
William Anglin577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Lucas Archuleta577AFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Kayla Ashford524ASpr '17YesGrad School
Sharon Barnette552Fall '17XXXNo---
James Bartlett577AFall '16YesGrad School
Zebulon Bellon542AFall '15YesArts & Sciences
Rachel Boraks552Fall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Kristian Borthwick577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Omasha Brantley502Fall '15YesArts & Sciences
Karensa Bray506Fall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Rodney Broughton577AFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Michael Cabello577ASpr '17YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Elkin Cabeza-Jiminez542ASpr '17YesArts & Sciences
Kaysee Carrere529ESpr '16YesArts & Sciences
Audrey Carter533BFall '16YesGrad School
Jacob Carter574Fall '16YesGrad School
Lloyd Courtney577AFall '16YesWRAC/Athletics
Michael Cox542AFall '15YesArts & Sciences
Karli Daigle529Fall '16YesArts & Sciences
Cleveland Davis577AFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Stacey DiFrancesco577ASpr '17YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Justin Dollar577AFall '16YesGrad School
Khirsten Doolan529BFall '15YesArts & Sciences
Richelle Dorris511Fall '16YesArts & Sciences
Krystyn Dupree533ASpr '16YesAcad Success Center
Gary Dupree, Jr.533AFall '15YesAcad Success Center
Natasha Edwards552Fall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Ryan Ehm577AFall '17YesRequest
Daniel Emirzian577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
LaMario Fortson574Fall '15YesAAS
Christopher Fremin579Fall '15YesAcad Success Center
Jackie Fritz577BFall '17XXXXNo---
Cheryl Garrett529BFall '15YesArts & Sciences
Trent Gaspard542AFall '17XNo---
D'Amber Gilbert019Fall '17XNo---
Damian Glover574Spr '16YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Antonie Godin577AFall '16YesWRAC/Athletics
Brittany Goldberg577BFall '16YesWRAC/Athletics
Gabrielle Gonzales533BSpr '17YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Jolie Gonzalez-Masmela542AFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Angela Gourdon511Fall '16YesArts & Sciences
Jaime Guillot552Fall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Rachel Hall542BFall '17XNo---
Juliana Handy542Spr '15YesArts & Sciences
Nathaniel Harding542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
CeNe Harris552Spr '17YesGrad School
Virgil Hart533BFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Steel Henry577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Brandon Hillard533BSpr '15YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Essitericah Hullaby574Spr '17YesAcad Success Center
Ebony Jackson545AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Lisa Jackson533AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Taylor James577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Jessica Johnson511Fall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Kayla Johnson577BFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Ruby Johnson533AFall '16YesAcad Success Center
Trinity Keller533BFall '16YesGrad School
Stephen Kim577BFall '17XXXNo---
James Lake529Fall '17XXNo---
Amber Lamers552Fall '16YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Daniel Ley542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Michael Lyons542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Stephon Martinez577ASpr '17YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Chester Matney577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Rayce Mayor579Spr '16YesArts & Sciences
Justin McNear545ASpr '17YesRequest
Howard-Joseph Middleton542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Melanie Midkiff552Fall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Raven Mitchell552Spr '17YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Taeja Mitchell552Fall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Reylin Morgan577BFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Victoria Morris577AFall '16YesGrad School
Katie Morrow577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Donald Myers542AFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Emmanuel Neault542BFall '15YesArts & Sciences
Auna Oncay511Fall '15YesArts & Sciences
Ayla Owens552Fall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Vivian Pedroza579Spr '16YesGrad School
Aaron Potoshnik577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Peyton Rector552Fall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Jeffrey Reed542BFall '15YesArts & Sciences
Krysten Richard533AFall '17XXXNo---
Jonathan Rivera577BFall '16YesWRAC/Athletics
Charles Salter529CFall '15YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Dennis Keith Sanders, Jr. 542BSpr '15YesArts & Sciences
Christopher Sauer577AFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Alexis Smith533AFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Brandon Smith577BFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Holly Smith533AFall '16YesAAS
Vashaun South533BFall '15YesGrad School
Jeffrey Stovall577AFall '16YesArts & Sciences
James Stringer511Fall '15YesArts & Sciences
Robyn Tan542BSpr'17YesArts & Sciences
Ada Tate577BFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Meghan Taylor542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Steven Thomas577AFall '17XNo---
Devin Thulin577AFall '15YesGrad School
Lindsey Torres533ASpr '17YesGrad School
William Townsend577AFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Cody Wager576AFall '16YesWRAC/Athletics
Joshua Waldrop542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Riley Walker577AFall '16YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Collin Wallace577AFall '15YesEducation/Hum Dev.
Byron Walters III542BFall '17XNo---
DeNori Walton574Spr '16YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Randi Washington533AFall '15YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Leighann Westfall574Fall '17XNo---
Matthew Whitaker533AFall '16YesGrad School
Alyssia White574Spr '17YesWRAC/Athletics
Taylor Wilkes577BFall '17XXNo---
Benjamin Wiltz542BFall '16YesArts & Sciences
Kelly Wright577AFall '17XXXXNo---
Rachel Zytkoskee542AFall '15YesArts & Sciences