1 assigned 
2 allowed
Acad Success Center
   5 assigned 
5 allowed
   2 assigned 
2 allowed
Creative & Performing Arts
   19 assigned 
22 allowed
   3 assigned 
4 allowed
Grad School
   11 assigned 
13 allowed
   15 assigned 
18 allowed
New Media
   0 assigned 
3 allowed
   9 assigned 
9 allowed
Stud Affairs (Acad Support)
   4 assigned 
6 allowed
Teaching, Leadership & Counseling
   8 assigned 
9 allowed
   5 assigned 
6 allowed

This website is for graduate assistant determination only and does not reflect
admission requirements or personal data for any graduate student applicant.

Requestors Major Available AppTran'cptImmuneGRE ScoresLtr of RecProgram Requirements Currently Available Selected By
Aileen Aiello552Fall '17YesPsychology
Matthew Alford577ASpr '18YesHAHP
William Anglin577AFall '16YesHAHP
Conner Armand552Fall '17YesPsychology
Sharon Barnette552Fall '17XXNo---
Marcus Bell577ASpr '18YesRequest
Jalie Bills529BFall '17YesEnglish
Rachel Boraks552Fall '16YesPsychology
Michael Cabello577ASpr '17YesHAHP
Alexsis Cable577AFall '17YesHAHP
Nicholas Campbell577AFall '17YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Audrey Carter533BFall '16YesGrad School
Jacob Carter574Fall '16YesGrad School
Nicole Castille533ASpr '18YesAcad Success Center
Corieana Ceaser507ASpr '18YesAcad Success Center
Kaitlin Champagne552Fall '17YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Ashley Chesal552Spr '18YesPsychology
Major Deacon577AFall '17YesHAHP
Richelle Dorris511Fall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Natasha Edwards552Fall '16YesPsychology
Rachel Elkins552Fall '17YesPsychology
Hollis Ervin511Fall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Christopher Fremin579Fall '15YesAcad Success Center
Patrick Garie577AFall '17YesGrad School
Kelsey Gilbert577AFall '17YesGrad School
Brittany Goldberg577BFall '16YesWRAC/Athletics
Jolie Gonzalez-Masmela542AFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Spencer Goodwin577AFall '17YesHAHP
Rachel Hall542BFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Lawden Halliburton533AFall '17YesCJHS
Nathaniel Harding542BFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
CeNe Harris552Spr '17YesGrad School
Georgette Hassan579Fall '17YesCJHS
Amber Holmes533AFall '17YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
David Horton529AFall '17YesEnglish
Essitericah Hullaby574Spr '17YesAcad Success Center
Lisa Jackson533AFall '16YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Taylor James577AFall '16YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Tristan Joynes577AFall '17YesHAHP
Henry Kahrs577AFall '17YesWRAC/Athletics
Stephen Kim577BFall '17YesHAHP
Cara Lamb542BFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Amber Lamers552Fall '16YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Rachel Lavergne552Fall '17YesPsychology
Kristanna Lee533AFall '17YesGrad School
Jamaal Lewis577AFall '17YesHAHP
Jaylon Lewis574Spr '18YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Daniel Ley542BFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Dereka Lint574Spr '18YesAcad Success Center
Michael Lyons542BFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Shelby Martin533BSpr '18YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Erica McGeisey552Spr '18YesEnglish
Casey McKinnerney542AFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Howard-Joseph Middleton542BFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Raven Mitchell552Spr '17YesPsychology
Lee Moore529ESpr '18YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Reylin Morgan577BFall '16YesHAHP
Victoria Morris577AFall '16YesGrad School
Donald Myers542AFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Ayla Owens552Fall '16YesPsychology
Emily Owens542BFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Aaron Patrick577AFall '17YesHAHP
Vivian Pedroza579Spr '16YesGrad School
Lauren Pratt577AFall '17YesWRAC/Athletics
Jordan Rains577AFall '17YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Alexis Rice502ASum '18XXNo---
Krysten Richard533AFall '17XXNo---
Kaitlyn Richards577BSpr'18YesWRAC/Athletics
Ciara Richardson552Fall '17YesGrad School
Ricki Rivers533ASpr '18YesRequest
Christopher Sauer577AFall '16YesHAHP
Holly Smith533AFall '16YesStud Affairs (Acad Support)
Zack Sparks577AFall '17YesHAHP
Bianca Stakes577ASpr '18YesWRAC/Athletics
Faith Stanfield547Spr '18YesTeaching, Leadership & Counseling
Robyn Tan542BSpr'17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Meghan Taylor542BFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Lindsey Torres533ASpr '18YesAAS
Kayla Velasquez577AFall '17XNo---
Joshua Waldrop542BFall '16YesCreative & Performing Arts
Riley Walker577AFall '16YesHAHP
Byron Walters III542BFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Shihuan Wang542BSpr '18YesCreative & Performing Arts
Matthew Whitaker533AFall '16YesGrad School
Zendra White542BFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Taylor Wilkes577BFall '17YesGrad School
Darius Williams542BFall '17YesCreative & Performing Arts
Kelly Wright577AFall '17YesHAHP